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Who we are

Broadcasting On The Brink of Breakthroughs©!” Viewers experience Peace, Hope, Healing, Faith, Love, Wisdom right in your homes and the palms of your hand on our The nuNew©️ ADDCT NETWORK App coming Spring 2021. View the The nuNew©️ ADDCT NETWORK channel on Roku Televisions. Experience a plethora of innovative, creative, new broadcast including but not limited to: Animals, Arts & Entertainment, Automobiles, Motor Trends, Trucks & Campers, RV’s Beauty, Comedy, Cooking, Drama, Education, Family, Fashion, Food, Fitness, Health, History, Inspirational Drama, Apostolic, Evangelistic Prophetic teachings, Finance, Landscaping & Lawn Care, Poetry, Millennials, Music, Sports, Real Estate & Development, Romance, Science & Technology, Shopping, Sports, Travel, Add The nuNew©️ ADDCT NETWORK to your favorite channels today!